Reborn of Classic

BOSCH Dual-channel ABS

Anti-lock for both front and rear wheel, safer when braking.

LED Position Light

Round design, beautiful and striking.

LED Headlight of OSRAM Light from Germany

Low energy consumption, more brightness and durable. Light up wider space, more clear and safer during night riding.

LED Taillight

Shield shape design,better alerting effect.

LCD & Mechanical Combined Digital Meter

Clear and all info. is easy to identify.

*This picture is just an illustration of all meter functions, not actual working status.

Brand New ESR150 Engine

With big volume fuel tank of 12.4L, the motorcycle can reach long mileage of 579km (Under WMTC).

Core technologies
  • High efficient combustion technology
  • Crankshaft eccentric technology
  • Light weight design for high speed parts
  • Roller rockarm
  • Balance shaft of dual buffer
  • Staggered meshing technology to reduce noise
  • Integral cylinder head
  • Direct cooling and spraying lubrication
  • Multi-passage cooling technology
  • Big capacity air filter
  • Intelligent FI system
  • ......

Efficient Rear Disc Brake

Respond faster on braking and better cooling effect. Good braking effect is still kept even when you constant brake on long descending slope.

Front Disc Brake with Diameter of 290mm

Bigger braking torque, better braking effect.

Advanced Side Boxes

Equipped with exquisite side box bracket, which blended into one harmonious whole with motorcycle.

Wider Anti-skid Rear Tyre

Tyre width of 130mm. Adopting new rubber materials and thick tread, better grip and anti-skid capacity, more reliable when riding in rainy day, on muddy road or at cornering.

USB Charging Port (5V 2A)

More convenient and faster when charging.

Emergency Light Switch

Safer travel.

Central Anti-theft Lock

No need to pull out the key to lock or unlock the steering lock. Prevent illegal unlock by self-rotating, safe and anti-theft.

Longer and Wider Rear Fender

Better dirt and water proof.