• LED Lights

  • Negative Display Meter

  • Big Body

  • CBS Brake System

  • ESS Engine

Super Bright LED Lights

LED headlight & position light in V shape

Low and high beams both adopt

LED light
Compared with normal 35W halogen light
  • Brightness of high beam increased by:


  • Energy consumption lowered by:


  • Durability increased


LED front position light

Even and vivid brightness.

Advanced LED luminous body and module, etc.of automobile class

Excellent performance, stable and reliable.

Integral LED taillight & position light

Even brightness

High class

Bright without dazzling

Negative Display Meter

Clear and striking even under strong light.

Wide and Comfortable Big Body

Open type front box +
USB charging port +
Anti-off hook


Big capacity storage case


Genuine big capacity tail box (Optional)

Big body

Wheel base:1300mm, long seat:670mm. Scientific design of riding posture with reasonable handlebar height avoid tiredness after long riding.

Scientific design of riding posture with reasonable handlebar height avoid tiredness after long riding.

The narrowest part is of 280mm length, while the widest part is of 350mm.

CBS Brake System, Safer for Riding

CBS Brake System

Double piston disc brake & Wave disc

Super Silent ESS Engine


Fuel consumption lowered to 2.1L/100km under WMTC. With big volume fuel tank of 6.5L, the scooter can travel over 300km with one full tank of fuel,easy to save and fun to ride.


Swift throttle respond,easy and powerful at startup,overwhelmly smooth at acceleration. No matter at normal or high speed, there is always robust acceleration power as backup.


Excellent control on vibration and noise, no matter at idling or riding, comfort and quietness always go with you.

12 Core Technologies
Intelligent FI system
High efficient combustion technology
Light weight design for high speed parts
Cylinder liner with needled like surface
Roller rockarm
Crankshaft with anti-vibration technology
Driving shaft with three supporting points
Direct cooling and spraying lubrication
Multi-passage cooling technology
On-off rectifier
Resonance chamber technology
High position air intake system

Considerate Design

Central magnetic cipher lock
Winker with buzzer
Adjustable shock absorber
Front wheel of 12 inches
Pop-up rear footrest
Silent side stand

Rear handrail made by polymer materials (Handrail version)

Genuine alloy rear carrier (Tailbox version)

Genuine front bumper

Overall waterproof design