BOSCH Dual Channel ABS

Anti-lock braking on front and rear wheel, safer braking.

All LED Lights.

Front headlight adopts OSRAM light from Germany. Power of high beam reaches 21W, brighter and light up farther. LED taillight and LED front&rear position lights, better visual recognition, also safer with emergency light and surpass alerting light functions.

All Terrain Tyre

Suitable to different road conditions like asphalt road, dirt road and bumpy road, etc.

New Generation ESR160 Engine

Ultra Low fuel consumption at 1.97L/100km under WMTC test. Big fuel tank of 13L supports mileage over 650km.

Eleven core technologies
  • High efficient combustion technology
  • Crankshaft eccentric technology
  • Light weight design for high speed parts
  • Roller rockarm
  • Balance shaft of dual buffer
  • Staggered meshing technology to reduce noise
  • Integral cylinder head
  • Direct cooling and spraying lubrication
  • Multi-passage cooling technology
  • Big capacity air filter
  • Intelligent FI system
  • ......

Comfortable Riding Posture

KYB Central Shock Absorber

D.I.D Driving Chain

Negative Display Digital Meter

USB Charging Port

Emergency Light Switch

Genuine Bumper(Optional)